I want to kind progress contained by reiki and other beneficial methods and increase my spiritual power...?

But my master has not plenty information and here I know no body to help me... I hold many question where can I find a correct expert to ask my many question?
where can I find polite articles...?

I am a certified Master/Teacher or higher surrounded by five different forms or Reiki.

E-mail me and I will help if I can, and if I can't I will direct you to one or more of my assorted 8 different Reiki masters.
for spiritual power: hang on to praying, for healing method study pills
I do not mean to insult Reiki, but my inference is that Reiki is bogus and does not do anything. I believe it is just an excuse to avoid the touching associated near traditional massage.
Go to Reiki.org for answers. There is a library of information in that.. There are lots of books from that website too. If your master doesn't have adequate information, then find another master. In days gone by I've been skilled by many masters. I guide too. We are all students, and teacher at the same time.
By the opening, there is no route to increase spiritual power. Your either aware of your nouns to spirit or your not. If your aware, of your connection, afterwards surrender to it. Looking for power is the path of the ego, not the healer.
i agree beside the answer that refers you to reiki.org. You could also try the "International House of Reiki" website

The 'style' of reiki skilled by both sites and sets of instructors is called "Usui Reiki Ryoho", which successfully restores traditional Japanese reiki information, mediation, spiritual practices and breathing techniques to the system of reiki. These technique have be lost from much of the system over time, for many reason.

there are several articles on both of these sites.

Could I also suggest the book "The Japanese Art of Reiki" by Frans and Bronwen Steine (authors of the www.reiki.net.au site). You can find it from amazon.com
The first step in Reiki is simplification.
I construe it's better to just work near the energy & breed more eperience than reading pile of books.
anyway you can ask your questions, if I could I try to answer.
Contact Ohio Healer here on YouQA here is the association to Ohio Healer's Profile :- http://answers.yahoo.com/my/profile;_ylt...

Or visit this site :- http://www.alternative-measures.com...

Take Care and God Bless you !
Don't spend foolishly your time...study medicine to know give or take a few the deceases...pray to God for healing and spiritual growth.

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