I would close to to know if noni liquid is angelic and the facial product as ably?

Well, I work in a strength food shop and a LOT of people come surrounded by and buy the juice, they articulate it makes them have a feeling really good, nutritious etc. Personally I would't know as I've never drunk the stuff. However it is really expensive, don't know if you're aware of that?? about lb15 for a 2 litre bottle. You might obtain it cheaper elsewhere though. I don't know about the facial product, we don't stock that.
no its a scam
I am not sure
If it's a facial you want you can enjoy some of my noni juice!
The only route to know if noni will work for you is to try it. Each of us has our own symmetry of chemicals to deal near. Your balance will different than mine. You will take action differently to noni than I will. If it works for you, then it is worthy. This is true of herbs, homeopathy, and todays medicine. Everyone reacts differently.

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