Do you ponder inbred medication can cure cancer?

A couple people I know lately left for Mexico to do some description of natural soothing thing and both of them tried colloquial healing the first time they get cancer, and it helped a bit, but now, at tiniest for one (i don't know about the other one) It's even worse for her and she's terminal as far as prescription is concerned. Do you think near is a possibility that she and the other lad could survive it? Please pray for them both. Thanks!

Answer:    Yes, I believe it can, but it depends on the person and the cancer. Cancer treatments Centers of America use both raw and allopathic means to cure cancer. I know a naturopath who works with MDs and have GREAT success treating nealy 100% terminal cancer. We used to smuggle some of the Mexican cancer treatment to my cousin in Canada and it heal him. Each case is different, and the best leeway is to treat with respect to the individual cancer and forgiving and not limit choices for treatment.
my son have bone cancer & i did conceder haveing natural health-giving but left it to the expert (dr.) to filch care of my son. even though he lost his leg but he is cancer free. i'm cheerful i made the correct desicion if not i would not own my son with me immediately. we will keep them contained by our prayers. Some naturopaths believe they can cure cancer but as far as I know the treatment is quite epic and the improvement is a hugely gradual process.
This is a simple answer, NO it cannot cure cancer, it cannot make a creature cancer free either. It will allow a creature to die of their cancer if you call that a cure. The problem beside the alternative cancer treatments is they do the method they know and it is usually insufficient.
They need to cut out adjectives bad foods, cart antioxidents, get their PH perched and their system detoxed.

Just SOME of what they need to appropriate
Co Q10, shark or bovine cartilage, essaic, astragalus,
green tea, vitamin C, E, zinc, selenium,
eat fresh fruits and vegetables, dried apricots, pumpkin seed,

I think Mexico does the dried apricots but I am not sure what else.
Nothing can cure, purely prevention or treatment for certain tumors save too late. Chinese monks found the answer for treatment of tumors around 100AD surrounded by their writings. The difference is they consumped many of them as foods or drinks day by day but dont wait until geting billions of cancerous cell then finding the treatment. Maybe it could be more straightforward to destroy few sick cell right from the beginning. Ancient general public used mushrooms, laetrile, fresh breast milk (for skin tumor), snake bones; etc. to treat certain tumors since 2000 years ago. Even their best herb now aday as Tian Xian still cannot restore to health cancer if it's late.

Shitake, Maitake at
Coriolus Versicolor at
breast milk at HMBANA

The best absortion is with unfilled stomach.

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