How much do natural/alternative prescription majors sort? And to majors themselves - are you glad you did it?

If you majored in alternative/natural/homeopathi... medication.. did it work out well for you? Do you similar to it? Are you glad you did it... reccomend it? Any info is great!

My ex is an alternative MD. He does alright for himself. I loved talking shop next to him and his work keeps him mentally busy. Plus, he did not have to spend time within hospital because his patients did not get in poor health enough to have need of to go in that.
I think its the best, for our bodies come out of the dirt where adjectives roots are, now that's getting to the root of the problem, discussion about for a moment mud in our eyes so that we adjectives may see where our roots are really from!
I hold been taking Petadolex cap for 4 weeks every other day. I did awareness an improvement within my memory.I am very festive with this product. I would recommend Petadolex to a friend. Thanks.
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