Do you believe contained by invigorating.?

either pranic, crystal or others as such.

Usually, it just works if the recipient believes it does. I intuitively use different gemstones for different conditions. I hold gone to healers and have feel wonderful after the healing session. The best counsel I can give is to listen to what others enjoy to say in the order of the healer. The best way to find any healer (or any doctor for that matter) is by a hint that you trust. Just looking in the phone book and choosing the personage with the biggest add on does not guarantee they are good at what they do.
No, as expected not.
Crystals for example was invented within the 19 century buy a famous con artist to con rich women.
Yes, Thats becuase i am wolverine.
adjectives things are possible through Jesus dont u know that? Read the bible its full of healing.
i believe here are all types of health-giving....even blessed olive oil will cure an ear tenderness.....i believe in alot of things as long as you believe they work
I believe the human spirit have the ability to aid contained by healing the physical body.
Yes I believe.
Emotional remedial. I believe physical healing may be possible, but I construe there are more deceiver than healers.
No I believe 99%are charlatans the other 1%are honest but self deluded ,at my wife's insistence I attended one who swore he would cure my heart problems at a price as expected naturally he have no success ,I also have a brother with terminal cancer who be brought back time after time for sessions even though everyone realize it was hopeless, adopt the healer of course, who be charging a lb100 time not only be he robbed of his money but eventually hope as well so not simply do I not belive in them I thourougly dislike them.
They are adjectives utter nonsense.....
I do reiki invigorating. it's not as powerful as its proponents claim, and I'd say never do solely alternative recuperative for any problem. Curiously I practise on animals, and normally dogs love it and cats abominate it.
Hi One Feather

We are all made up of zest (even the scientists agree on the concept). We Americans and doctors are programed for one thought process (drugs, chemo, and surgery). Outside of that we are lost, so we say the toher methods of health-giving (hundreds of them) are insane!

My point is that people involve to have overt minds and explore the world of possibilities with no judge, until you experience. I am a Pranic healer (among many other salutary techniques) and have patients that could testify significant correction of diseases and discomfort.

"There's a way to do it better - find it." Thomas Edison

Best of strength to you
yes i do believe in health-giving all director strong and only the believers know how srtrong it is..
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