I will write an e-book contains exercises that improve imagination using select 3D imagery, would it go?

There is only one course to know for sure. Barnes and Nobel have discontinued sale of E books. This may be a clue to the future. If you own an agent, and a publisher, who are willing to publish the book, likelihood are good that it will. Most publishers will not squander their time with something, unless they are in principle certain it will be profitable.
Almost anything will trade if it comes along at the right time and is sold the right way. Witness: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/pet_rock...

There is not ample information in your cross-examine for it to be answered in any more detail than that.

Who will be the target audience? Mozart sold seriously of music to toddlers a few years ago because anxious parents thought research showed Mozart to improve intelligence. Maybe 20 years ago, split brain research be sold to creative adults in the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain." To whom do you hope to inculcate imagination and how do you hope to teach it?

If you are competent to produce good ability work correctly aimed at a receptive target audience, next how well the book sell is, well, a concern of salesmanship.

How do you plan to tell relations your book exists? Can you get a slot on Oprah? (probably not) Can you squad up with a net site that attracts people who want to be creative? (maybe) Can you post spam to Usenet newsgroups? (yes, but i would hate you)

Can you hire a merchandising company to promote the book? Can you grasp endorsements from established people?

There are too frequent unknowns for your question to be answered. I predict that your book will be an financial failure because you hold not been wary enough going on for thinking the project through.
i learned something nearly selling a product or service online. you have to set aside your product or service free of charge. you have to pile it on it so people will know where on earth to find your materials. what's the piont? well its simply a way to win your name out within. i for one will not buy a book or a service from someone i don't know about. give samples if you strongly believe that you spend a adjectives lot of time and effort on your e-book
interview it out...try ebay first.

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