Alternative treatment for cancer?

the american cancer society has catalogued alternative treatments for cancer, ayurveda is one of them. it is herbal system of medicine that is prearranged for thousands of years. it has a branch on the treatment of cancer through herbs and other treatments including surgery and radiation through minerals and herb. it is known to cure cancer if the medicine are administered properly by an experienced practiotioner.
Read apple cider vinegar cures on the web.
There are amazingly functional fruit juices on the open market with medical validation including 79 clinical studies on "" underneath the Latin name Lycium Barbarum. This liquid is very dignified in antioxidants as capably as pyhtonutrients, flavenoids and contains 4 natural polysaccharides. It is an adaptogen, which rapidily removes inflammation, germs, acid and fungus from the system. It also contains a cancer combat mineral "Germanium". I am drinking this juice every year to prevent disease. If you are interested, e-mail me and I could give you some links to read up on it. At the terminate of the day, you are the one who have to make the judgment that is right for you. Nobody else can do it for you. Hang contained by there, you enjoy many option.
chiropractic care
I freshly found out about a untaught product that is investigational on the market. It enhance your own stem cells contained by your bone marrow. Try it. Go check out to get more info
This is a broad nutritional support program for cancer

Vitamin C
Fight Back- Do everything in your power to mle back against the disease explicitly trying to take hold of your body Decide that you are worth the hard work and throw everything you can at the disease. Remember, no person, treatment, drug, etc, can restore to health you that is something that solitary your internal wisdom and remedial mechanisms can do.Do adjectives you can to support this internal wisdom! Address adjectives levels of your man (mental, emotional, physical,spiritual, energy). It is outstandingly recommended to become educated on adjectives views and alternatives, listen to your inner teachings and decide for yourself which approach is right for your dedicated situation.
Homeopathic Medicine ! For more post the exact details of the patient for an appropriate remedy. The safest and the most decisive treatment is Homeopathic Medicine. I am giving the Head remedies used to treat and cure different types of Cancer :-

Cancer of stomach with constant vomiting of black fliud Cadmium Sulph 30X, 3 hourly

Cancer of pancreas or of bones, especially the lower cheek and tibia Phosphorus 30 or 200 3 hourly

Cancer of bone, periosteum,especially the joints Symphytum 6 or 30 3 hourly

Cancerous swelling; especially when out-come is after suppression of Malaria Chininum Sulph.30X or 200, 3 hourly

Cancer of stomach, of axilla,oesophagus; painful cracks surrounded by corner of the mouths Condurango 30X or 200X, 3 hourly

Cancer of bladder, breast; disposition to pimples at adolenscence Asterias rubens 30X or 200, 3 hourly

Cancer of caecum, pylorus, duodenum; painful contraction next to duodenal distention Ornithogalum Q or 6X, 3 hourly

Cancer of cervix; bleeds easily; sensation of boiling hose along the back Ustilago Q or 6X, 3 hourly

Cancer of obverse; ill effects of inoculation. Rapid exhaustion and emaciation Thuja oc 30X or 200, 3 hourly

Cancer of lungs; sleep other disturbed by lewd dreams Cobaltum 30X, 3 hourly

Cancer of glands of the neck; long-suffering sensitive to cold. Sensation of coldness in many parts Cistus Can.30X, 3 hourly

Cancer of testicles Cadmium Phos 30X, 3 hourly

Cancer of vagina; prostate; can not control the urine; urine dribbles constantly while lying Kreosote 30X, 3 hourly

Cancerous history in the family unit or past history of cancer contained by the patient Carcinocin 200 or 1M fortnightly (3 Doses)

Cancerous diathesis; over irritability Strychninum 200 or 1M, fortnightly (3 Doses)

To expel the poison from effect lesion Silicea 12X or 30X, 4 hourly

When carbuncle turns towards gangrene; marked burning and restlessness Arsenic Album 30X 4 hourly

Cancer affecting lower bowel near prolapsus Ruta Grav 6X or 30X 4 hourly

For External use: Hypericum lotion

Take Care and God Bless !
Everyone is different and treatments will affect you differently than anyone else.
My friend had stage 5 uterine cancer and refuse to have chemo or rad. The Dr's get mad at her, simply telling her to be in motion home and put her affairs in directive.
She began a series of colonics the subsequent day. She have 30 in 45 days, and also ate nought but organic foods, plus unconscious protein powder.
She's cancer free now for 7 years.
Talk to an alternative vigour professional to decide what choices will work for you.
do some research nearly ph miracle if you reach i give attention to a ph of 8 thats when cancer dies but you would have to stop sugar beef and plentiful stuff that is tasty try to do some research.
I can also talk to you around an alternative treatment but you probably won't want to hear about it so this is adjectives I can say to oblige you.
Emu oil gel cap. Emu oil kill cancer cells, if you enjoy cancer 3 tabs each day should do the trick. Emu oil is undisruptive to take. One should other consult their doctor before trying anything unknown.

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