Stomach Aches!?

I have the worst stomach twinge and i need something to cure it... can you tender me suggestions....?

lay on ur back, and if u cant put away something starchy!
Lay on your left side that should aid it.
Pepto Bismol tastes similar to death, but man, it works.
Could be stomach cramps, try lifting up your arms and streching towards the sky. Or could be integestion, bring in sure you have a honourable bowl of cereal in the morning to label sure your system doesnt get bunged up. lol
hope this help
try a daughter's doctor told me to do that for any stomach problems...including diarrhea, throwing up, etc...and it really does work.
hope this help...and that you feel better soon.
Stomach Ache

Wild Cherries: My grandmother made a wonderful concoction from in their natural habitat cherries, which are darker, smaller, and more bitter than domestic cherries. She consent to it ferment :0) and mixed it with sugar and hot dampen for a stomach ache. I loved it! I have regular stomach aches, until my parents put a stop to the "cure." Patricia I. Shaw

Paregoric: taken for stomach ache, etc. My mother would add a touch sugar and water to the Paregoric for me to drink. Doris Goldsborough

Nutmeg Jinx Dopson

For stomach smarting drink the juice of one integral lemon mixed with 2 tsp. of sugar. Instant cure! Dora Schwemley

A prompt cure for a stomach ache: Squeeze out one inch of tooth blend ( any brand ) and down the hatchee. Swallow it , with or lacking water , and within a few minutes the stomach ache is gone! (Without cause nausea or sickness - - - actually it doesn't penchant bad at adjectives .) In 1958 , while in the United States Air Force , as a Flight Engineer , on a survival training exersize , 100 miles from a doctor or prescription (except a snake bite kit ) , my Aircraft Commander , bless his heart , suggested this treatment . I've have very few stomach ache since then , but when & if they do take place ; I Grab the toothpaste! Floyd E. Hodges

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