Ch’i Energy Pendant or Bio Disk?

Did anyone use Ch’i Energy Pendant or Bio Disk? If yes, please share the effects and the price? Some one is trying to seell me this at $650!

Wow, the price does seem a bit steep.

Yes, I know several empire who swear by theirs. You can also choose a natural stone and wear it as a undecided to direct your energy. If you jump this route, do buy one that is double terminated, as one beside a terminal point going down has a development to drain one's energy.
give or take a few $40-50

This site has info but no prices on both bio discs and pendants:

Beautiful, for a while more expensive, the 18k gold plate is $250.

All these sites hold good info.

Someone is trying to ripe you sour. If you won't a stone for the Chi (inter energy of the mind, body & soul), you can purchase a Flourite stone. Not with the sole purpose is it good for the Chi, it's well brought-up for the blood, the mind and the third eye. It costs about $3.95 to $7.95 depending on the size and it can be worn around the décolletage. I have a friend that carry these stones locally and I would be glad to mail it to you for the prices it costs plus mailing/postage etc.
If I am not thinking of matching thing that you are asking roughly, please disregard my response. If I am and you would like this stone and can't locate it locally, belief my profile to email me about this subject.
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