Do you believe contained by Natural/holistic cures?

If so why? and if not why not?
yes i believe in inherently healing the body ...... healing it wholistically.... not just treating the symptoms of a disease or disorder but treating the body as a in one piece unit.... mind spirit and lifestyle .... and resolving the ailment from the source ... that will always be the only path to go ... infinitely more appealing than simply bandaiding the symptoms with "medicines"........ and plugging ourselves with nastytoxicsludge otcandprescription meds ...... respectively and every single thing i have proposed anybody do about their condition issues in here i have personally resolved alike issue with my own health.

why do i believe ??

The "Doctors" had me on a colossal array of very heavy levels of antidepressants for 5 long years and not a one of them ever deduce that i was severely intolerant to wheat, lactose, soy and processed sugar... they told me i had everything from IBS to arthritis, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia ..... pffffft !! ..... food allergies, plain and simple ...... hence my quest for knowledge on form and vitality began 3 years ago...... these days i'm as full-bodied as a horse and sure as flip don't give out advice that i haven't hard core proof of...... skill is power and freedom.

peace baby

I believe in natural cures.

Western medication does not hold all the answers to the cures for ailments and diseases.

The Chinese, Japanese and people of the Orient have some of the unbeatable life expectancy rates in the world.

And as far as I know, most of them turn to traditional cures like herb, plants and teas instead of tablets and pills chemically-made in a laboratory.

Of course, diet and lifestyle also play a big part in the equation.

All I'm maxim is that I view Western treatments as being just one side of the box of cures to diseases and it is best to keep our eyes open for other sides and other possibilities. Source(s):
1. Natural does not equal not detrimental. arsenic is natural.

2. So called natural cures come beneath the realm of alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is alternative because it have not been proven to work, or it has been proven not to work. The same go for its safety, risks, and interactions.

The billion dollar alternative medicine industry is riddled with scam, quackery and fraud. It is a minefield of danger, and if you are contemplating any alt med, you must do your research - and not just at the proponents websites.

Evidence based drug is the safest and most trustworthy option. The majority of it is sourced from nature anyway - except it is tested, active ingredients isolated, optimized for specific effects, cultured and manufactured with the highest levels of part assurance.

I can assure you I know what I'm talking about. Homeopathy does not and can not work. It does not beat placebo underneath independent clinical trial. Instead of the ad hominen, tell me where and why my answer is wrong. And consistency free to research Avogadro's Constant, and how it applies to homeopathy.
My husbands cousin is natural/holistic doctor. She is always trying to get me to bear all sorts of herbs and natural remedies for problems I enjoy, and after 18 years, I can honestly tell you I haven't had any improvement surrounded by anything . In fact, I had a simple bladder infection turn into a kidney infection after she had me taking herb as a treatment. Now, I understand that most modern medications are made from natural ingredients from the Earth, so I can't enunciate natural/holistic cures don't work at all, it's just that for me I have have no luck. I know Western medicine doesn't have all the answers and empire like the Chinese have been health-giving themselves naturally for hundreds of years, so I can't explain why overall natural cures don't seem to minister to me or many people that I know.
I've often read that homeopathy hasn't worked contained by trials. I have had effective treatment next to homeopathy without believing that it would work, results that have amazed me.But I've found it doesn't work for me for everything. It isn't possible to run effective trials by carrying out tests one remedy for one condition, as the remedy has to be fitted to the person, so if the trial was done by doctors untrained contained by homeopathy it naturally wouldn't work.
Lots of things that were once rubbished by the medical profession are now becoming permitted by some doctors, eg acupuncture, osteopathy,hypnotism, even iridology in some places. It was herbalists that discovered digitalis for heart disease, and used willow bark for headache before aspirin was extracted from it. The Chinese were curing individuals before Western culture even started. So while many modern drugs are wonderful perhaps medics shouldn't be relatively so ready to rubbish systems they haven't studied.
As Hippocrates, "the father of medicine", said, "Nature is the physician of man.”

Several years ago, I realized that I was not destined to remain forever childlike and immortal and I began searching for answers that might help give back some years that unwise dietary and lifestyle practices might have taken away.

When I begin my research, like most people in the Western world who own been brainwashed by generations of promotions of unnatural lab created compounds, isolates and synthetics ("Just Ask Your Doctor"), and as a person beside a keen interest in science, I began my research near the belief that real medicine came surrounded by a brown bottle with RX on it, the same as real recuperative came from doctors who had been trained within approved medical schools.

While I had respect for natural healers such as naturopaths, homeopaths, Indian Shamans, Chinese practitioners and such, I believed that their sweet herbs and treatments were less impressive, if at all, compared to "real medicine" and in plentiful instances might be downright dangerous.

Nevertheless, I began my research with eyes and mind widespread open and thought that at the very least I would know how to find ways to improve my diet, boost my immune system and find other information about preventing disease and illness that be sorely lacking from mainstream sources.

How wrong I was in the region of mainstream medicine versus nature! To say aloud that my journey has been a jowl dropping and eye opening one is an understatement. Instead of finding that mainstream medicine be superior to nature, instead I found that nature was repeatedly more effective, far safer and far less expensive. I also found that the reason fluent remedies had been pooh-poohed and suppressed by the mainstreamers was not because it be less effective - it was because you cannot official document and control nature and thus reap huge profits from it. And natural alternatives represented a huge threat to the trillion dollar a year hugely profit-oriented medical industry's patented drugs and therapies. Their merely marketplace is our bodies and it is a marketplace they guard jealously and zealously.

Instead of mainstream drugs in actual fact healing illness, for the most part they merely conduct operations symptoms with patented medicines that have side effects over 95% of the time, commonly leading to other conditions requiring still more patented drugs, office visits and lab work contained by a never ending spiral of illness managed for profit - so that by the time a man reach 65 years of age in the US, he takes an average of 15 prescribed and over the counter medications day by day. And it all began with one or two conditions that could enjoy been prevented or treated naturally.

It is a great model for profit, folks, but it is a horrible one for healing and humanity.

To obtain a true picture of the dark nature of modern medicine to be precise hiding behind all the healthy actor in the commercials we are inundated with, and to appreciate my own eye-opening journey, read:

"Modern Medicine: How Healing Illness become Managing Illness"

Yes, there is no lack of snake-oil salesmen and quacks out there - and that is to say as true of mainstream medicine as it is natural and alternative pills. Nevertheless, over 80% of the people of the world rely on herbal medicine for healing and preventing sickness - just as mankind has done for over 6000 years.

No one becomes unwell due to a deficiency in patented drugs. Instead, they become ill due to deficiency in natural vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, phyto-nutrients, enzymes and the other natural nutrients that man have developed alongside for all the millenia. And those deficiencies, along with poor diets and lifestyles and the exposure to the tens of thousands of toxins man and his precious science have introduced to our environment, so that our natural first line of defense against disease and illness, the immune system, is powerless and overwhelmed and illness gains a foothold. You don't heal that virus with drugs that simply treat and mask symptoms, nor do you prevent it's return. You do that with humour and proper lifestyle choices - things that are not taught in the medical schools whose highest source of funding is the world pharmaceutical empire.

I can assure you that those who worship the false gods of science and stalk this alternative medicine section beside their naysaying posts either have no idea going on for what they are talking about or else own a darker agenda to turn people away from true healing and temper.

Those who worship science continue to make the false assumption that what science tells us today is the pinnacle of experience and infallible. As history has taught us time and again, the science of today is often proved to be the quackery of tomorrow. Not that long ago contained by terms of human history it would be considered heretical to post a belief that the earth was not flat. Or that the universe did not revolve around the mud.

Since when did Science become God and God and Nature become quacks?

“God heals and the doctor takes the fee.” - Benjamin Franklin

"The doctor of the adjectives will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the watchfulness of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison

"Modern medicine" may all right be defined as "the experimental study of what happens when poisonous chemicals are placed into malnourished human bodies." - A. Saul, Contributing Editor, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

"Unless the doctor of today becomes the dietitian of tomorrow, the dietitian of today will become the doctor of tomorrow." - Dr. Alexis Carrol (Famous Biological Scientist and team leader of the Rockefeller Institute.) Source(s): I am a natural health author, advocate and researcher.
I do. But I also believe that there are a lot of culture out there selling snake oil for a quick buck too. Separating the accurate from the bad is a daunting task that one must undertake when choosing alternative attention to detail.

I have seen people next to chronic conditions that are greatly helped by alternative means. It is a good choice for heaps people.
Medical science should not require belief, the fact that natural/holistic cures do shows that they aren't valid. I use medical science, not medical mumbo-jumbo.

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