Does anyone know if hypnotherapy is available on NHS.?

I want to try it as I have a lot of problems moving on from an ex.
If not, what would I expect to pay and did it work for anyone else.

You stipulation counselling, not hypnotising. Your GP can provide advice. Source(s):…
Generally no,which is fortunate,as it does not work. I agree you need some help but this maybe relationship counselling. It is such a pity that so copious life events are now artificially medicalised. Source(s): GP for more years than I care to remember
Hypnotherapy does work contained by cases like yours - especially NLP.
It could be exactly what you need if the counselling isn't having an effect on its own.
If you do establish to see a Hypnotherapist make sure they are fully trained & insured. Go on e.g. the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis website if you are in the UK and look for a therapist nearby.

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