What are the best nutritional and dietary supplements?

I've been on a more hollistic kick lately and was wondering what homeopathic/nutritional/dietary supplements out in attendance are held in high esteem?

Currently, I am consuming:
Gingko Biloba
Royal Jelly
Vitamin E
Valerian Root
St. Johns Wort
2-3 cups of Green Tea
Occasional Damiana Leaf (smoked or made as tea)
Fish Oil Concentrate

Other regimes:
Hatha yoga, 2-3x a week for an hour

Any other recommendations? My aim is to get my body to its optimal function and to be an all-around healthier and more lively person.
Nature's sunshine products are the most reputable vitamin and supplement company surrounded by the states. You can look them up at www.naturessunshine.com.

You also might want to be careful about consuming st. johns wort and valerian root at the same time. they both hold similar affects and can have some weird side affects. You should look into doing a compass test to see what herb your body truly needs.

Good luck!

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