Can anybody please explain the identify of flower,"Cassia Auriculata",[Botanical name]in Bhasa Indonesia?

This is a herbal plant also known as Senna Auriculata[Tanner's Cassia]
Answers:… says that there are four "other names" for it. Tannre's Cassia (English), Tarwar (Hindi), Charmaranga and Avartaki (Sanskrit), and Aawal (Gujrati). Most herb don't have a different name in respectively country, but there are a few languages (like the ones listed) that may adapt an herb or engineer a more common name. Depending on who's selling it in Bhasa Indonesia (Ayurvedic stores, herbalist, etc), they might ring it any one of these.… lists a couple of other names, but they seem to be smaller number commonly used.

For what it's worth,… says that Senna Auriculata is actually a different plant, but it's very similar. If you ask for that plant, you will probably cease up with something a little different than what you want.
I hope I helped! Source(s): a rapid search on Yahoo, and personal research into herbs
It doesn't occur surrounded by Indonesia so they're unlikely to have a name for it. That's why the Latin name is used for plants, so anyone contained by the world can look it up in a book as there's no translation problems.

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