I own high-ranking B.P. i remains o.k. when i lift medication. what is alternate course?

Is your diet glorious in saturated/trans fats? Is it high surrounded by cholesterol? Is it high in table salt? Is it full of processed foods? If so cut them out and replace them beside things like leafy green vegetables; fruits; fermented foods and whole grains (Not bread, it's complicated to find "real" whole grain bread).
Are you overweight and/or sedentary? If so start moving! Exercise will lower your BP.
Start pumping up on omega 3 fatty acids, flaxseed is yummy and has the best Omega 3 to 6 ratio and will lend a hand lower your heart rate.
If you need help with creating interesting, pungent and heart healthy meals email me and I'll lend you a hand! Source(s): =)
There are several things you can do to eventually get on another course of treatment other than prescription drugs. Don't stop taking your prescription yet.
1. Lose mass if you are overweight, this might be the only thing you need to do to lower your bp to ordinary
2. Avoid caffeine products, as they raise your heart rate and blood pressure
3. There are several supplements and herbs you can take to reduction your blood pressure: magnesium, hawthorn berry, Coq10, fish oil are some of the things that will help.

Do your own research.
****Also if you start taking supplements, remember to check your blood pressure often to monitor the effects it is have, it could possibly lower too much if you are still taking your prescription meds too. Go back to your doctor and have him lower your dose of prescription meds if this happens. With inborn methods, sometimes effects are seen gently over time, although it should not take more than 2 weeks.

The best entity you can do for your blood pressure is LOSE WEIGHT if you need to. Sometimes even just 10lbs will have a dramatic effect on your blood pressure.

depends on the reason you own high blood pressure.

If you are overweight, then it's time to slim down
Stop intake processed foods, as much salt is add to these items.
Take a leisurely hoof it at least 1/2 an hour each day.
(Walk 15 minutes away from home, afterwards turn around & go home.)
This should help lower the blood pressure.
1.check out this diet and the testimonies


2. another thing to do is to take untouched garlic (at least 3 plus cloves a day) with cayenne (the hotter the better) and also take natural ginger tincture..these herbs reverse plague..the garlic and cayenne on the veins and arteries and the ginger and the cayenne on the capillaries. Read the book not here for dead by dick quinn.

when the plague is removed, this widens the arteries and thus the blood pressure like a hose beside deposits on the inside once cleaned sees the water pressure go down

3 you might also try this


I read nearly it in the book

Honey Mud Maggots and Other Medical Marvel (Hardcover)
by Robert Scott Root-Bernstein and also quoted an article on this therapy here..it is used for high blood pressure.

4 Dr Richard Schulze who make the best herbs on the planet IMO recommends the following

High Blood Pressure

Heart, Cayenne Tincture, Raw Garlic, 5-Day BOWEL Detox

his formulas can be gotten at herbdoc.com and the five day detox is found here http://curezone.com/schulze/handbook/inc… lower than the 5 day cleanses

5 Finally, get the book food your miracle medicine by Jean carper on amazon on foods to oblige this problem or at least got here and look inside the book in the table of contents for some of the foods..the book have more info on them but a brief list can be found in the table of context.


Even though the drugs may lower your blood pressure who knows what other effect underlie the high blood pressure that might be damaging other body systems not to mention potential side effects known and as even so unknown of these powerful drugs.

Better a cure than a control even if it is a little harder and involves lifestyle changes which doing these things will have multiple other benefits as ably.
eat cannye pepper flax kernel and flax seed oil in salads

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