Should i pocket these sleeping tablets?

For the past week i have been getting going on for 3-4 hours sleep a night because i am really worried about getting my GCSE results. I have tried everything and nil works. My mum got these nytol one-a-night sleeping tablets. It says not to take if you enjoy asthma. I am 16 and i have asthma. My asthma hasn't been bad within ages. Do you think it will be ok if i take one tonight?
The very best thing I own found for my sleeplessness has been Benadryl. I think getting hives ultimate winter was a blessing. But yes, you can use what you have, just follow the directions and when you wake up up at night, try to lay really still until you fall back asleep. That help me, too. Sleep tight!
Don't take Nytol for sleeping problems. The active ingredient is the same stirring ingredient in Benadryl. It shouldn't be used to help you fall asleep. It can be markedly addictive and it has a lot of side effects, and some people hold the opposite result and actually become hyper from taking it. Instead, have your mom travel to your local drug store and pick up Nature Made Sleep. It contains Melatonin which your body needs to get a good night's sleep, L Theanine (the ingredient surrounded by turkey that makes you sleepy after eating Thanksgiving meals), chamomile, and other ingredients that will help you gain a good night's sleep, is non habit forming, and safe to bring with asthma.
y would u wanna risk it......chamolie...valerian flower flower....skullcap......these r all relaxing herbs that will help u sleep....adjectives of these come in teas......some have some of the herbs mixed together for a greater effect
Taking sleeping pills continuously may lead to side effects in coming days.

Please read the article provided in source box for you.
I am sure i will relief you a lot.

With this, you need not to spend any amount further for sleeping pills or any other medicine.

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Most sleeping pills are just generic Benadryl- check the label- it will read out Diphenhydramine HCl. They're safe to take if you do it like the directions say-so. Your best bet would be to do something that relaxes you without sleeping pills- a good workout at the gym, a bubblebath, or my favorite- going to a massage psychotherapist.

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