ADD - Has anyone tried Flavay?

My son is in college currently taking Adderall for ADD. The medication helps him focus, however, the side effects are becoming too intense. He has a significant loss of appetite and I'm seeing glum changes in his behavior.
I've read positive things about nonprescription Flavay and I be wondering if anyone has ever taken it for ADD. If so, how has it helped and what side effects own you expereinced?
It seems to be missing essential fatty acids. Omega are important for mind alertness.

Read about it at
I haven't tried Flavay, but I do know of other things. DMAE seem to work for a lot of people, I just started on it so I can't describe you how its working for me. Read this about it L-tyrosine and l-phenalaline helped me a bit. They would be good if he suffers from depression too which abundant of us do. He should take omega-3 supplements and also he should look at what he's eating. Have him cut out sugar A hight protein, high unsaturated solid, and good carb diet is what he should be eating. Safflower oil is upright to cook with, olive oil but only if it is first cold pressed and do not cook next to olive oil, it loses its nutritional value, coconut oil is apt too. protein with amino acids are absolutley necessary, I'm vegan so I'm going to recommend what I munch through which is hemp seed - it tastes great in smothies and is a complete protein, soy is great, and also some benign of amino acid supplement. Make sure he avoids processed foods with artificial ingredients especially artificial food coloring- this is thought to cause add/adhd. He'll enjoy to start cooking which may be difficult for a college boy but make sure you let him know that his health is worth it. Also giant aerobic excercise is good and yoga and meditation is one of the best things he can do for focus. Good luck, and keep trying different supplements, people counter to them differently, its important that he finds the right cocktail for him. Check out I-herb and browse around in there, they own great prices and great brands, shop around and look at the different reviews. Oh, also tell him to lay off the alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine. Also, many culture with add also have dislexia, so look into that too. Source(s):

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