Best store bought tea for sore throats?

so like, my throat is killing me and my fiance is on his way to the store right immediately. i know hot tea is good with honey. but is there a specific nice of tea or can i just use any hot tea?? i use my voice for work and my sisters wedding is less next a week and i need to feel better. any answers would be awesome. thanks!
Here are a few good options
tea doesn't stay on your throat long enough to do any good.
I would recommend the following.
gargle near warm salt water and help yourself to a couple of ibuprofen.
Ice pack on the outside will reduce inflammation.
Eating cold things like ice chips or pop sicles will cut back on inflammation, and releive swelling and pain too.
If you don't get some releif soon or if the pain is so severe that drinking and drinking is difficult, go to the doctor, You may have strep and that needs an antibiotic because short it, you will recover but the side effects of strep are rheumatic fever and the side effects of THAT is heart valve defacement.…
Too deferred for this trip to the store, but I really like Throat Coat by Traditional Medicinals. Larger supermarkets carry it, or health food stores. Or a short time ago sip hot lemon water with honey in it. Gargle next to sage tea to stop the pain.
pepperment tea is supposed to be good for that

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