Is aromatic arthritis cure competent?suggest any drug?

age: 29
i am suffering in this disease for 12 years
i am using a medicine rheumatin
You can pilfer my medicine "ARTHOCARE" and forget everything.
There is no other alternative other then Ayurveda for arthritis, any claim in the world is bogus, In my 22 years research.
RA difficult to cure. At some times it seem to be cured but comes back again. But there are many alternative methods of systems approaching Ayurveda, Homeopathy. By using these remedies you can reduce intensity and the side effects of the modern drugs, which have severe side effects. Here you should understand even near these alternative methods, you cannot be cured fully, but easily maintainable without having side effects.
There are two main types of arthritis, osteo and rheumatoid. Neither is considered curable, although rheumatoid arthritis can be in motion into remission.

Is your medication Rheumatrex? If so, your arthritis would be rheumatoid, an autoimmune condition. There are many other medications available to treat RA, including Humira, Enbrel, Rituxan, and Arava.

A rheumatologist - a specialist in autoimmune disorders - can prescribe a medication to be precise appropriate depending on the severity of your disease.

As for supplements, fish oil has been shown to hold a favorable effect on inflammatory conditions in general. You can take it surrounded by caspule form, include oily fish such as salmon and mackerel in your diet, or both.

Some people use glucosamine and chondroitin for arthritis, but their use is recommended solitary for osteoarthritis, not rheumatoid, and even in OA their efficacy is questioned. Source(s):……

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