Studies for herbal remedies?

I am interested in learning more about diverse herbal remedies but have had very little luck finding any controlled or double blind studies (with the exception of St. John's wort). I'd similar to to hear about efficacy and side effects in a group taking the medicine vs. a control group (preferably double blind). Does anyone know of any resources for these? Or are they simply not out there?
They're out there... Is there a specific herb contained by which you're interested?

Here are some good sites to get started on your search:

Do take-home pay some attention to the journal in which an article is published... but not to the extent that a poorly designed study in a principal journal is accepted over a well designed study surrounded by a lesser-known journal. Critically evaluate the methodology and the quality of the study as well as the results and implication and work from high-quality results.

Happy researching and good luck! Source(s): Naturopathic Doctor
Here is a good article something like a recent study. In addition to this study about how herbs are ineffective the article contains links to other articles just about how they are often dangerous as well. There aren't too heaps studies like this out there because the groups that make herbal remedies don't entail FDA approval, which means they don't need to prove efficacy so they don't do the research. Unless some independent group decides to study an herbal remedy, it never get studied.

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