Can my doctor refer me to Shiatsu pat?

I have had neck and put money on tension for 8 years now and it is getting increasingly painful. And for the ending 3 months, my wrists have been hurting me as well.

A friend of mine come and told me that shiatsu would help both those problems (she did a little bit on me and it worked--Hallelujah!)

I just know that press is very expensive, and I was wondering if my doctor could refer me to get shiatsu wipe. I'm not sure if it's covered on my insurance, but do doctors even do that?
Yes, your doctor can refer or write you a prescription. the only issue you would have is wether or not your insurance company covers massage. If you enjoy a flexable spending account, get a reciept and get rembursed. if you don't, you'll own to pay out of pocket. Also you would need to find a therapist who take insurance.

good luck Source(s): massage therapist
It isn't expensive. What is your body worth to you? It is lately like having to get the vehicle fixed - it is expensive but you have to do it or you will be stuck on the highway in the rain lacking your cell phone.

It may be covered on your insurance. Call them.

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