Cold Sore Home Remedy do you know any ?

Good old fashioned Blistex form any pharmacy minus prescription always worked for me.
Cold sore may have been caused due to anodyne immune system. To prevent this, the immune system must be boosted. A strong immune system can be achieved through eating a balanced diet, that is to say, ingesting the foods containing the most vital nutrients our bodies need.

Taking exercise can also help since it invigorates the entire body and propelling the body systems to function economically. Getting enough sleep and avoiding long periods of stress can also contribute to attaining a strong immune system. Lack of sleep and too much stress leads to poor celebration of our body organs by decreasing the amounts of elements that they naturally secretes, hence, the body systems cannot cope with the amount of work they own to perform. A fortified strong system is a good match to the host of cold sore-causing virus which is ever active in finding its best host.

The second fast cures are cold sore medication and colloquial remedies. The best medication is an anti-viral medication containing penciclovir. This substance is known as a suppressant of herpes simplex virus. It should be applied once the coming of the viruses is being detected so their replication can be prevented.

Infected individuals can also count on natural remedies. Taking foods which are rich sources of L-Lysine known reducing the severity of virus attacks is a popular natural remedy. Putting rime at the infected area can also when the tingling sensation is felt is another popular remedy. The application of petroleum products on the infected area is also efficient since it stops the virus from wreaking havoc at the other parts of the body. Source(s):…
Try taking L-Lysine, 500mg
once in the morning, once at dark for a few days, you should be good from there...
When a cold sore first appears, straight take a cayenne capsule and 8 lysine tablets (500mg each). The cayenne slows down travel of the virus along the nerve.

It does not step away any faster, but never comes back. It has worked for me.
take 3-4 500mg tablets at first sign of that itch-tingle and then 2 500mg every 2-4 hours after that. you can sometimes avoid the eruption of cold sores completely. if it susides without erupting, drop down to 1 500mg every morning and hours of darkness for a day or 2.
If it does erupt, continue the every 2-4 hour treatment and you will find that the sore will not last nearly as long as in need the lysine.
I also have some lip salve that has lysine within it which is soothing.
I find that since I started this treament about 15 years ago, I don't have them nearly as often.
Take peroxide and use a q tip and and then put on cold sore, itll burn but itll work.
Yep, I know some.
yup alcohol prep pads thats what i use. Its going to hurt similar to a b&tch but it works.
go to a local health food store selling bulk herbs and procure the following three herbs

golden seal

por buy online from bulk herbs, later make a tincture by adding 80 proof vodka and then skulk till it settles and add either more herbs or more vodka until it is 50% fluid at the top and 50% herbs at the bottom. shake a few times a day strain in 2 weeks and put surrounded by a tincture bottle (with eyedropper top) or a dark glass bottle as light deteriorates it..sticky label and marks expires in 5 years but it will be good longer. give somebody a lift 60 drops per dose 3 or more times a day. swish around the cold sore and then swallow.

If you need it sooner, dipper some of the liquid off top and strain through a cloth and use right away. Each day it will win stronger.

Or make a tea with these herbs..if you can';t find bulk herb you could use organic capsule herbs and mix one division of each. Don't buy the garlic ..just use garlic powder from spice rack and then make a payment equal parts of skullcap and goldenseal.…

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