Are there any all natural muscle relaxers out there?

Answer:    Valerian is a natural product for this purpose. It is available from a good supplement retailer or an oriental pharmacy..
My latest favorite herb for this is an Amazon herb called Chuchuhausi (maytenus macrocarpa). Herbs in the "nervine" category are informative. Some of theses include valerian, skullcap, blue vervain, st. john's wort, chamomile, kava kava, hops, california poppy. It would be helpful to find your local herb store; as within are usually good combination tinctures and herbs that would be more specific depending on what your symptoms are and what effects you are looking for. Calcium Magnesium Zinc pill taken near each meal may backing if muscle spasms or cramps are caused by lower cellular levels of magnesium. Also, devour more fruits and vegetables to increase your potassium levels.
Valerian works well too..
advil or alleve, yoga, swimming, squeeze, chiropractic, counseling, meditation, etc. Heating pad, stretching, yoga. There's something I read about call Valerian root (sp) but I'm not sure about it..
well green tea is a duly good muscle relaxant, i can attest to that personally MARIJUANA ITS ALL NATURAL.
Cannabis Sativa i hear lavender tea is, along with a heating wipe to..
a massage if you mean laxitives to formulate you poo try prunes

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