Are vitamins killing you?

Scientists reviewed 67 studies on 230,000 populace to see whether so-called antioxidant vitamins prolonged life expectancy.

They found that vitamin C, often taken surrounded by an attempt to ward off colds, seemed to own no positive or negative effects.

Vitamins A and E, traditionally used to help strengthen bones and boost circulation, showed if anything, increased rates of mortality, as did beta-carotenes, which are taken for healthy vision.

(as I other suspected).

Answer:    with a healthy diet, no vitamins are needed..
No, but prescription drugs probably are.
The study of studies to which you refer used the verbal skill "May have an increased risk of mortality" Statistics as to any people who in actuality died from vitamins? None.

How many people died from prescription medication last year?
An estimated 27,651 in the U.S. alone..
I don't pilfer vitamin tablets for the pure reason that you can actually overdose on definite ones.

Water soluble vitamins such as vitamin C can be disposed of by the body very easily when you urinate.

Fat soluble ones such as vitamins A and D cannot be gotten rid of so smoothly and can therefore eventually become too highly concentrated contained by the body leading to illness.

I prefer to achieve my vitamins from what I eat wherever possible. They're untaught and better for the body..
Ej's exactly correct in his answer. Scientists Schm-ientist! Those studies are crap. And completely funded by Big Pharma and the corrupt AMA. Who are now, along near the WTO trying to control vitamins, and catagorize them as a drug , and make them less potent per dosage. The brainwashing that's going on (vitamins impossible, Drugs are m mm, mmm, good) is criminal. All for the sake of the almighty dollar. We're selling our health to Devil. I'd rather be the first to O.D. on vitamins than the 3 billionth on any Pharmaceutical drug! Synthetic vitamins be used in this study. Don't take everything at facade value. You must have a forceful diet, too, as all the vitamins in the world won't variety up for a crap diet. Whole foods vitamins and natural forms are in reality healthy for you in moderation..
It's because individuals who take these supplements don't eat greatly well and use the vitamins to try and make sure they don't become not good enough in anything. who knows the truth, in that is a new warning adjectives the time, jeez what is going to bad for us next.
Not me ,I don't lug them . Should hand them out instead of anti-depressants then.

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