Bladder Infection!?

I presume I have one. I need a homemade cure so I can stay surrounded by school and not have to walk to the doctor. I am on apple cider vinigear, I trust it. Any other ideas?

Answer:    Unsweetened cranberry juice (anything that's 100% liquid, so cranberry/rasberry or cranberry/grape or whatever is fine) and water will backing, but won't completely get rid of the infection. If you're looking for an herbal remedy, oil of oregano is a intuitive antibiotic and works great. I've used it on my last three bladder infections and they cleared up just fine..
I didn't read anything else all the same, but the way to go is cranberry liquid. Somebody probably said this. Otherwise I'd go with a course of Septra DS (aka. Bactrum). Hell, it's strong plenty to kill MRSA. It'll nuke your genitourinary system and everything inside it. Chase it with somewhat Pyridium for bladder spasm and call it good here. I think they're both available on Russian bootleg pharmacy websites. Those Russians know their antibiotics.

*thumbs up*.
Drink so much water it feel like you will explode. Then when that feeling go away drink lots more. Vitamin C will help it go away. Cranberry is devout for prevention, but when you have one vitamin C is best. And if you feel approaching going to the bathroom go! But if your lower back starts hurting really impossible (in the kidneys) or if you get a fever, see a doctor. Good luck, you can pulse it! i don't know of any cures but AZO really helps you can buy it at a pharmacy or grocery store. Also i recently hear that you should avoid carbs and refined sugar when you have a bladder infection.
A lot of cranberry liquid, also buy Uva ursi in a pharmacy, it really helps.
Chug cranberry liquid. When I say "chug", I mean CHUG. Also, any anti-fungal medicine you can get your hands on... stay away from sodas and drink plenty of dampen and cranberry juice.
Drink cranberry juice and plenty of sea. Good Luck! Cranberry juice and a warm tub

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