Can I take these supplements with my normal perscriptions?

I currently bring 20 mg of Celexa and 1mg of Klonopin daily.
However, I would like to start taking a lacto-vegetarian omega complex which will include numerous types of oils such as evening primrose oil and flaxseed grease. Is this safe to take?

Also, i be wondering if I could take fenugreek with my commonplace perscriptions?

Answer:    Your best (and safest) bet would be to ask a pharmacist if there are any interactions listed between the drugs and supplements you're taking. Doctors and pharmacists both enjoy access to a database of drug and supplement interactions and they can tell you quickly if you can soundly take them together or not. anyone here will just own a best guess from searching on the internet (which isn't always accurate, as we adjectives know) ;-) Good luck!.
You need to be very vigilant about supplements because they could interfer with biochemical pathway that your prescription drugs use.

Why do you want to take fenugreek?? You don't need it within your diet at all. It could even cause mar.

I doubt that evening primrose oil will do much of anything for your health.

Be tremendously, very careful where on earth you are getting your information. I suspect you are throwing away good money on these supplements.

Any nutritional or so-called nutritional web site is outstandingly, highly suspect if they also sell supplements. They can and will influence ANYTHING to get you to buy their supplements. Often they down-right lie, yes 'lie'. I know because I hold done a lot of research and fact checking on 'nutritional' trellis sites that sell supplements..
ask doctor or pharmacist. I understand the omega complex...why the fenugreek?

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