Can I smoke the weed with the seeds?

yeah... I'm not sure if I get ripped off. This stuff doesn't smell much like authentic weed. Well, anyways, there are seeds contained by my weed. Should I like throw them out or keep them within and smoke it with the bud?

Answer:    haha kinda funny idiot is not spelled ideat..
No, take the seed out and break up the bud.

For they guy who says this is bad for you:

Doesn't motive oral cancer
Doesn't do cancer
Pot shrinks tumors
Government perspective
Negligible consequences of using marijuana when pregnant
Doesn't cause cancer
No, you don't smoke the seeds. If you smoke them, they pop and cause a unsavory smoke odor and taste, and they contain extremely little amounts of THC (THC is the active chemical contained by marijuana that gets you high) so inhaling the smoke from the seeds will not take you high.

You could try and plant them but you kind of own to have a basic comprehension of what your doing..
hey the person probaly sold you stress now to be precise the lowest quality of cud smoke the seeds if you needed to but i wouldnt bcuz it gives you headaches...plague free to msg me if you have any questions nearly weed bcuz i smoke it my self and know a bit about ti =} First of all...why are you smoking weed next to seeds? you need some flame **** that have few to no seeds at all. and no- do not smoke them...they pop and its annoying. plant them hahaha and grow your own.
Smoke the bud. Keep the seed and plant them. Water little but often. what are you doing not do that it is bad for you ,are you crazy dont be an ideat !

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