Does Marijuana Open your Mind?

This question is not ment as a drug propaganda but as an honest question for those who have tried it and feel it. It's not ment as a discussion of marijuana being righ or wrong, good or bad. gratitude
Answers:    yes it makes u think about stuff u usualy wouldent

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Marijuana Affects different society in different way's. It depends on your Body Chemistry, Age, Sex,and the State of Mind your in when you use it.It is mostly believed that it is a Depressant and it can be . However in my experience it can also accomplishment as a stimulant, I have found at times when i was tired ,bored and didn't feel close to doing much of anything , That it acted more as a stimulant once you get started doing something you have a tendency to work towards the completion of your project.I am an Artist, and at time's i discern it has opened my mind to the possibility of different techniques and idea's that i might not enjoy other-wise Thought of.

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Yeah, it opens doors of perception ... if you smoke enough you can keep those doors accessible even when you aren't high. This can be a good thing ... it depends on which doors you accessible . there are literally millions of doors. One of the doors is schizophrenia and another is depersonalization disorder ... Marijuana has been proven to wreak these things ... or in my words, open these doors. But there are millions of other discouraging doors to open also. And millions of good doors to open. Sometimes you break open doors and you can't close them. Sometimes you open doors and then they close and you can't find them to open them anymore. Sometimes you stretch out doors that are mind blowing and life changing. Sometimes you open doors of creativity ... sometimes you close doors of creativity.

Wow what a shitty essay I only just wrote. Anyway, it's my (experienced) opinion, obviously. Source(s): smoking pounds and pounds of weed

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through my personal experiences i find it truly depends on the person the place their mood as ably as the marijuana its self. a person at a party for example, would probably find it less mind pipe, and more as a fun past time. though if one was to be smoking while in a room beside one or two good friends and a bob marley cd playing, the effects may seem a bit more epic.
truly one can make of pot doesn`t matter what one may want to. Source(s): personal experiences

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depends on the person. there is only one road to find out so if your open then try it.

personally it help me think a lot about existence when i'm high alone but with friends i just relax and enjoy a good time.

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ya i guess it does
for me it kinda makes everything better (its hard to describe)
similar to everythings brighter, foods better, music is better, u can kinda see things with more details, more things are funny and boring things are entertaining

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marijuana is more like for a time elf who cracks the door open a little bit.

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It can... but if you want something that will bust you damn mind get underway with an atom bomb you gotta try Dimethyltryptamine. (DMT)
YOu will never EVER see things the same approach again.
It's a mind F***

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hell yeah dude...good question

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