Does smoking weed help avoid bad trips when taking mushrooms?

I assume possibly it would since weed always seems to put me within a good mood regardless of how I feel up to that time. However I wonder if the effects of the shrooms will completely screw with my mind to the point where THC doesn't do anything at adjectives.

Has anyone tried combining the two?

I have never taken shrooms before but I hold had a pretty intense experience with 110 Morning Glory Seeds(LSA). Nor enjoy I ever had a bad trip. I can plainly understand how someone would have one though.

Answer:    Well it is close to this. Yes you can combine the two. If you have found that marijuana grounds you and makes you be aware of better by all means you can use it within your mushroom voyages. I think you will find the mushrooms much more of a quality experience than the LSA. I hold taken all of these things hundreds of times. I do not need them anymore. Be sure and filch the mushrooms at night in a automatic place if possible..
you dont combine the two to avoid a bad trip, when have a bad trip you smoke alot of weed and it slowly takes you out of a unpromising trip and will probably end up knocking you out at one point. adjectives in all shrooms are tight but weed is style better. i always like to smoke bud and drink a few beers when i nick shrooms bro. the weed calms down the intensity of the trip for me. i suggest smoking about partly way through your trip or about 3 hours after you drink them. good luck bro.
drugs are bad for you any way they all mess next to your mind
so you shouldn't do them Look, you must know that wild mushrooms are potentially very risky, and it's impossible to determine the dose because each plant contains a different amount of psilocybin. (The same goes for marijuana and THC.)

You must also know that every time you mix drugs you are experimenting on your own brain, and the results are totally unpredictable.

But if you're still determined to give somebody a lift this course, then please ensure you are in a not detrimental, beautiful and harmonious place, as the psilocybin will exaggerate the virtues of your environment. So a freeway will be revealed to you as the screaming spiritual void that it is, whereas a lovely garden will appear to you as the very Garden of Eden.

Similarly the family around you will be revealed in their true colours, and if there is any disharmony between you it will be emphasised.

I do know of someone who have permanent brain damage from excessive experimentation next to natural drugs.

P.S. PLEASE steer clear of datura.

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