How can I modify my cold?

So, yesterday was my anniversary.. And since it was a Thursday, we decided we'd exult it on Friday, the next day.
Yesterday morning, I started feeling a cold coming on and have hoped it would take a few days before it hit strong. Bah.. It hit me super hard that hours of darkness and I ended up spending our anniversary in bed with a stuffed-up muzzle.
Today it's full force and we have my parents watching the kids tonight. Everyone I know is busy with their own families and my parents aren't going to be capable of watch them for several more weekends.. So I really don't want to miss out on this opportunity.
I've been trying everything I could think of to lessen the effects of my cold; Holding my leader over steaming, boiling water.. Blowing my nose constantly, Drinking tons of water and liquid, and hot lemon juice with honey and some water. I hold two kids that I take care of during the day, so it's exceedingly difficult for me to take baths or anything..
I can handle the cold while we're out, but my husband really wants to walk to Outback for dinner. I can't taste anything, so I have a feeling he'll translate his mind for my sake..
ANYWAYS.. Help! Does anyone have any tips for making it so I can actually taste stuff?
Answers:    Yes step to the store and buy ginger root and make it into a Tea or soup with clear chicken broth this will correct your Ph because a ph
inbalance causes some colds

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embezzle some vitamin c get some sleep and take a cold med tablet.

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Stay hydrated and sleep a lot.

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