How to make my nipels biger?

Answer:    Assuming you didn't want to go with potentially risky and expensive cosmetic surgery, in that are a few ways of enlarging your nipples, as well as your areolas if you so desire. There are dozens of products on the sex toy marketplace that, when used regularly and with dedication, will indeed permanently create your nipples to enlarge and stay "perky" more often.

Items such as: And that's lately one example of countless others.

Also, and at the risk of sounding perverted or inappropriate, it's established fact that if your nipples are stimulated on a consistent foundation for a good amount of time, they will gradually be more feasible to "puff up" and stay that way for a while. This method however takes weeks and weeks to get done and can potentially make you sore, depending on how sensitive you are. This is why women who breast feed report that their nipples appear to hold "grown" since giving birth.

Hope that helps


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