I have trouble swallowing pills, but i need to take sleeping pills for a trip im taking?

can i cut a gel sleeping pill start on and put it in my water, i without doubt cant swallow pills. please help!

Answer:    Only if they are not time released, like plentiful are. You have to check on that first. If not then yes, you can put them within water etc. You can also try melatonin over the counter in the supplement isle for sleep explicitly sublingual...it melts under your tongue. Just look for "sublingual"..
Don't do that. It will penchant horrible.

Instead, get a pill crusher. Crush the pill and put it in a teaspoon of applesauce (like they do next to the old folk, lol). And yeah, if you are talking more or less the drugs like ambien, you can do that.

Unless, of course you use a time released sleeping pill resembling ambien CR. Crushing it will ruin the time release aspect of the pill..
i hate it too but i take them when i enjoy to. when i was younger i used to crush them up and put them in honey to hold away the bitter taste. and so there weren't huge chunks to swallow. you can even spread it on toast after if it take your fancy =) I can't swallow pills either, but I always gain the solid ones that you can cut up. Hey, you can try it, but it may taste real heartless. Poke a hole in it and put it in liquid instead of water.
Good luck!.
i used to have this problem. you probably arent fondness youre head back. lean youre team leader back and swallow the water. a trip?? don t crash down...

apple sauce.////yogurt..jello//////

a double malted////////// a smmothie, rice pudding

tapioca puddiong

sweet cream ice cream




enjoy you tried putting it in applesauce or pudding? That usually helps.

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