If it is true that colon cleaners have killed then why are they still on the market?

I thought colon cleansing be a benifit but now I am told that
it is not and if that is a true "fact" and if it hurts ethnic group more than how much it benifits and even kills people afterwards why
is it still sold on the market?

I would appreciate (if this statement about colon cleansing individual negative is true) a "TRUSTWORTHY" website that shows "facts" rather than opinion about colon cleansing.

Thanks a lot!

Answer:    www.quackwatch.com is the best one collecting articles and information roughly speaking this type of scam.

The reason this stuff is still allowed to be on the market is because of legislation pushed by the supplement industry (sounding ironically similar to the type of tactics they claim Big Pharma(tm) uses) which keeps the FDA from regulating this type of article. It take the FTC to come in and catch it off the market, but they're overwhelmed by this type of article and take a lot of time to take stuff off the market. Also, close to Airborne, they usually only get fined. These fines are merely a tiny percentage of what they make in profits. It's purely the cost of doing business.

It is weird to see people converse about all this unprocessed supplement stuff and complain about 'big pharma' when their 'heroes' are doing the type of stuff they are villifying pharmaceutical companies for doing..
raisn bran helps your colon for reals. Pelops is categorically correct. Quackwatch is fully documented and referenced, so you can check out anything that is said there for yourself. It is the best and most authoritative site to discredit the quacks. They abhorrence it with a passion and will utter anything to knock it.

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