If you take 1 e a day how badly will it affect you?

I connote I go out at the weekend and take more or less 6 and nothing bad have happened. I don't want to take them to seize high, just I meditate they'd make good diet pills.

This isn't a long permanent status thing, it would only be for just about a fortnight.

Answer:    It can cause long term bring down to your seratonin levels. It can also cause a decline surrounded by language-related memory.
In other words, it gives you brain damage.

"Ecstasy target neurons in the brain that use the chemical serotonin to communicate. Serotonin plays an important role surrounded by regulating a number of mental processes including mood and memory.
Research has shown that long-term or fatty ecstasy use can damage these neurons and explanation depression, anxiety, confusion, difficulty sleeping and decrease in memory.".
"University of Adelaide researchers own found that ecstasy taken on a few occasions could exact long-term brain damage from severe damage to brain cell, with the potential to cause adjectives memory loss or psychological problems."


A lot of nation who have taken psycho-actives daily own become permanently psychotic and are in the concern of the state.

If you want to lose weight fast and catch high, it would probably be wiser to take up anorexia for a couple weeks. You could telephone call it a "two week fast." People will probably get angry roughly speaking me telling you to stop eating, but honestly, it would be in good health for you than to abuse E for two weeks straight.

PS: You might want to decrease the amount of drugs you do regularly, especially if you're a drinker; the amount of brain cell you're killing now cannot grow hindmost and they will affect your cognitive, memory, and emotional capacities subsequently on in life. I assume it's cool to experiment-- even with drugs!-- but not all the time, woman! Slow down okay?.
What is "1 e"?? Are we conversation about ecstasy??

If so... Then why bother?? I be determined there are a considerably larger number of safer weight loss compounds that would be allot more powerful... If you arent worried about health, later why not give Lipodrene a try?? You will be shocked by how much weight you will loose. Is it hearty?? Heck no, but it will not destroy the vast number of neurons that heaven will..

And yes... Lipodrene contains Ephedra (aka ECA method), and it is highly effective... You will promptly realize when using it that you just are not hungry on it in optional extra to having allot of energy.
wouldnt you ACTUALLY die if you took 16 surrounded by one day? i heard that a moment ago 4 or 5 at a time could cause an overdose. and 1 or 2 is enough to net me trip for hours, how the hell did you manage to take 16 within a day? crazy ****, dont even want to know how much you spent on that haha Do it and find out, you'll probably end up motionless you idiot..
i knew trhis one guy he took 8 a week
and he is fine

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