Is it safe to give my 13 month old daughter 1 teaspoon of honey with lemon for her colds?

Answer:    I am not sure about the honey.

Notice they say 12 months so you *should* be OK..
There is a type of botulism bacteria that can affect honey and it's recommended that no honey is given to infants beneath 12 months (UK guidelines).

Why not try some glycerin instead. You can buy it from supermarkets - just add the lemon to that - it will soothe the throat and work newly as well as honey. It's sweet as well. Make sure you brush the teeth regularly though as a build up would be impossible for her dental health.

Personally, I wouldn't give the honey at 13 months.

Vicks rubbed onto the chest and stern is good for colds as well and you can other give Calpol for fever, misery and general discomfort.

Karvol drops onto the pillow at night also relief to keep the nose a bit clearer and aid breathing..
pure and untaught honey is the nature's best food
better than milk!
it is the first diet given to any indian newborn even before the first mothers own breast milk !
pl take carefulness u r giving the pure stuff
and not with lemon but mixed with little ginger liquid it makes a very powerful stuff and a lofty degree of effective ness
a each day diet of about a tea spoon of good talent honey day and night is completely good for developing immunity contained by babies and adults alike.
Sure it is. Helps with coughs.old folk lore.
It's better that the honey be life, non heated and non filtered.
Honey, vinegar and or cinnamon is also good for babyish and old folks.
Do a google search on the above and you'll find some interesting reading..
No honey is an unprocessed food that babies should not hold until they are at least two. Until then, their immune system is not fully developed. yes as it is inbred, but honey with lemon is used to reduce body bulk. pl check this?.
most drs say after 12 months its ok.
but if you look at many different cultures, they impart tiny infants honey for colds and flu and their babies are fine. so its really up to the parents. when i was in dignified school my Certified Nursing Assistant teacher told us never to pass babies honey. She said it could choke them and its hard for them to digest.

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