Is it safe to take other pills with PROCERIN?

i am a 19 yr mannish. i am taking procerin for hair regrowth. one pill in morning and one at hours of darkness. i also take 2 glucosamine pills for my joints surrounded by the morning. i was wondering if it is safe to give somebody a lift a hair supplment pill at night time. it call calif/natural special formula hair that i got from wal mart. please update me if this is safe to do or what. if i do this i will take 1 procerin pill and 2 glucosamine pills contained by the moring and one procerin and a hair supplement pil at night. thankfulness

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Answer:    hey there

I be wondering what this other hair supplement stuff has that procerin hasn't get? I'm pretty sure that Procerin will do everything that this "Hair" hi potency supplement will do, maybe even better. You might even be taking basically duplicate pill.

So I'd say it's A) Safe to take together (might even be an overkill) and B) Probably surplus. Read the label of both. And if they both have "Saw Palmetto Berry" (Around 1500mg), Zinc and Magnesium, you don't have need of to be taking Procerin and "calif/natural special formula hair" together. I'm familiar with Procerin one and only and can say that it worked well when I tried it.

I used to follow the sign on the side of the bottle of Procerin, which I think was 2 at morning and 1 at hours of darkness (or maybe 2 and 2). It worked well for me...but I have to wait for like 3-4 months in the past I noticed good results.

As far as taking it near supplements like Glucosamine, I don't think this will enjoy any undesirable side effects. Glucosamine is good, multivitamins are good, and indistinguishable for any other supplement beneficial to your health. Just remember to take anything next to a good balanced diet.

Ok If you are zealous to know some more info, read on...

What procerin is, is it's basically a Zinc Magnesium blend with the adjectives important Saw Palmetto Berry extract. The Saw Palmetto is the natural herb that have the reversing effect on male hair loss.

If I may nick a quote from discussing Saw Palmetto...

"...Although we still don't know exactly how it works, it's believed that it may block an enzyme (5-alpha-reductase) from allowing the hormone testosterone from being converted to another hormone, dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone is considered a knob contributing factor to the onset and progression of androgenic alopecia and benign prostatic hyperplasia..."

Now, I believe when testosterone converts to dihydrotestosterone, it resides in the scalp (and among other areas contained by the body) and these levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp motivation baldness by killing hair follicles.

All you enjoy to do is take your Procerin, and couple that with a topical spray to promote blood to your scalp. (like minoxidil). I tried this exact combination and it worked deeply, very well. There is no necessitate for the other hair pills in my assessment.

I hope this helps you. I suggest you read your labels and compare Procerin to "calif/natural special formula hair". Compare the Saw Palmetto Berry on both (most noteworthy ingredient) and Zinc levels etc...

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