Is it safe to use a topical Colloidal Silver spray on a daily basis?

I know ingesting it can own severe side effects: blue-grey hyperpigmentation , damage to organs. But I wasn’t sure if using it just topically would hold the same effects.

Answer:    Colloidal Silver is absolutley safe to use regulary topically...are you using home made or a super fine one from a strength food store? C.S. should be used ONLY when needed orally..not on a daily starting place, as it is works as an antibiotic and may destroy friendly bacteria within the gut, so acidophilus would be benifit you. I have used CS for over 15years with wonderful sucess within all cases, for family, friends and animals and is one product I would not be has literally been a energy saver on some occasions..
The side affects that you mention are from hugely high does of silver. 12ppm, or less is not going to hurt you if taken internally. Silver as an anti-biotic is comparatively safe. should only be used until wound or infection is heal.
since it is topically probably less likely not so plentiful side effects as internaly i am not totally sure though.
Safe and very useful used as topical disinfection.

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