Is soy milk good for my health? And if, why exactly?

I love soy milk and drink it often with green tea. So I was just wandering what are the health benefits of soy milk.
(I drink a "normal" milk too.)
Answers:    Possible health benefits:
▪ good source of protein (full complement of amino acids)
▪ lactose free (suitable for the lactose intolerant)
▪ dairy free
▪ animal free (suitable for vegans & vegetarians)
▪ less likely to be allergenic compared to cows milk
▪ no hormonal residues (unlike non-organic cows milk)
▪ rich in isoflavones that may help lower cholesterol and reduce menopausal    symptoms

Possible non-benefits to health or risks:
▪ phosphorous overload from drinking too much (except if has been calcium-enriched   during processing)
▪ naturally occurring goitrogens - substances that suppress the functioning of the thyroid gland, particularly a problem if your diet is low in iodine:
▪ naturally occuring soya toxins..protease inhibitors, phytic acid, soy lectins (or haemagglutins) that can be harmful to health.
▪ toxins from processing into soya isolate, such as nitrosamines that may be harmful to health.
▪ pesticide residues usually high unless from organic beans.
▪ from genetically modified beans unless stated otherwise. GM poses too many risks to humans and non-humans - linked to the decline in the bee population.think of the implications of that alone!
▪ manganese excess and toxicity

Further info:
possible benefits:
possible harms:

Best wishes.

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Too much soy is not a good thing. Neither is dairy. Soy has estrogenic qualities and hormonal imbalances are already pushed way to the estrogen side so it is not a good idea to use too much.

Soy milk does not have a lot of flavor on its own. You are probably using the vanilla flavored kind anyway. If this is the case, why not try vanilla oat milk. It tastes great (very mild, but then with the vanilla) and it has the added benefit of being alkaline. We get so much acid in our diet that any time we can switch to something alkaline we benefit.

Our diet is supposed to be 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods and the Standard American Diet is 80% acidic and 20% alkaline. That explains a lot, doesn't it?

Good Luck! Source(s): Naturopath

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I have heard of benefits, but lately I have heard a lot of negative stuff about soy too. Soy is like a natural form of estrogen, so it can mess with your hormones. (That's why it's in a lot of menopause remedies.) I can't remember the other negative things I've heard about it. Maybe try to google it and see what comes up? I believe God made everything for a reason, but I don't think all things were meant for us to consume internally. I'm not sure about soy! Have you ever tried almond milk?

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you put soy milk in green tea?? eeuuuwww. you aren't supposed to add anything to green tea btw.

no, soy is not good for you. forms of soy like tofu are ok, but in small amounts. we westerners really jumped on the soy bandwagon a while back and didn't bother to check it out. soy milk has other additives, one of which is usually canola oil. Another dubious food our society has embraced. I read some very scary stuff about soy recently. google it.

"normal" milk isn't good for you anyway. milk is for baby cows, not humans. we've modified it to fit our bodies but it really isn't necessary in such large quantities. It's just a problem of milk and milk products being so delicious...of course things like brie and camembert are made by the gods themselves, and are part of any sane woman's weekly diet :)

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most of the time soy milk is drunk by people that are not tolerant to milk,its a kinda milk subbut it still has vitamins and b12 and iron.its a little less then plain milk it just donthave the fat and the i really cant remember the right word sorry ,but yea its good for you ,

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