Magnets ?

I hear that magnets (in bracelets and in necklaces) can help you. I dont know exactly but they resembling heal you or something like that. i.e. better for you strength. Is this true?

Answer:    Magnets have no effect on the body. NONE whatsoever. They are a scam and a total waste of money..
Magnets will work powerfully to take away pain, they will alleviate broken bones more quickly. I have only had a broken rib from a fall, it be very painful, and the fracture be healed in partially the time( 6 wks normally) 3 weeks aproximately with the magnets. One needs to know the strenght of the magnet (gauss) and increase the strenght when compulsory. Depending on the strenght of the magnets in bracelets or neckleces, I would inquire about it first, or try and see if they work for you. Unfortunately, it is difficult to double-blind question paper the effectiveness of magnet therapy. However, the proposed mechanism for how these magnets are supposed to help are based on misunderstandings of pull and of biology.
The only evidence for the effectiveness of magnets is anecdotal. This does not mingy these people do not experience benefits, but it is not strong evidence that their benefits had anything to do next to the magnets. It is very likely a placebo effect.
That said, there's no injure in it unless you are spending money on something that doesn't work for you instead of seeing a doctor for a serious condition. Sometimes the psychological effect of empowering oneself can be beneficial. Just don't expect it to if truth be told cure anything..
You will get a huge mix of opinions on this. Many populace claim they work great for relieving pain. Others will have no affect whatsoever. There are too heaps variables that go into this type of "treatment" to know if it will work or not. It also depends on what you are trying to treat.

There are a few things to know before you purchase. One is examine out for multi-level marketing companies with hugely inflated prices. Also find out the "gauss" (strength) of the magnets in the bracelet. This will open out up another whole can of worms because I'm sure you will be wondering what "gauss" is right for you. Unfortunately you won't know until you try it. I have hear people have well brought-up results with an 800 gauss, and I have hear from some that they needed to go as strong as 9000 before their body react. Many bracelets you will find are probably going to be between 8OO-2500 gauss which seems to be somewhat of a "standard" for manufacturers of these products.

Here is a intertwine where you can find some bracelets and/or books on magnetic analysis.

Good luck!.
errr ! i donot think it is true . as magnets are only the iron pieces which attracte the other enigmatic peices .They cannt cure you .its only an ancient belief . Magnets worked for me big time, it helped near pain management for elbow tendinitis for roughly speaking 2 years. Highly recommended..
I tried a necklace for six months with no help at adjectives. I have heard of honourable results though. No.

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