Marijuana Chrusher?

I am looking for a virtuous method to grind up my marijuana into very fine pieces. I don't own a standard crusher like the market at most smoke shops. Is there an easy passageway to do it? It is much too time consuming to pick small pieces off. Thanks

Answer:    If you are smoking chronic, then you really should buy yourself a grinder. I own one that has 2 screens that separate the kief for me. There is not masses things better than topping off your fresh ground herb with a dipper of kief. If your smoking some mexi(stress, brown) whatever its called now, then get yourself some scissors and stir to town.

Hope your not smoking the dirty mexi...
i use and have always used scissors or a cut-throat, it works perfect, oyu can use a coffee grinder( the kind to grind integral beans for expresso) that is suppose to work get a blender !!! lone thing is that all the thc ending s up being stuck to the side and this looses the best out of ya weed !! so go and buy a grinder they immediately have a gauze in them to lock in the thc !! save it up and when ya run out of weed ahhh a back up smoke some pure thc ummmmm lovely.
coffee grinder any electric or manual works fine.

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