Parachuting Adderall XR... broken?

So I crushed it up, but it in some toilet paper, and swallowed it.

That was over an hour ago. And nothing's happen.

It was a 25 mg capsule, and I have another one—should I basically take that one even though I already took one?

I'm prescribed Adderall XR but it doesn't work as well as IR did, and I read that crushing it and parachuting it would make it work faster... very well, it didn't... and my parents and I are going out to an early lunch with my dad's boss and I don't want to misbehave and * up his chances of getting a promotion (cuz that's adjectives he's been talking about), so I don't know what to do.

I don't even know why I have to run... I think it's because the boss guy has a son my age or something.

But yeah... help?
Answers:    It sounds similar to the toilet paper masked the absorption of the drug. No, don't take anymore, you thoughtful of screwed yourself. Just take it normally, how it is prescribed next time.

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XR is the slow release, it's not supposed to own as much high and low effects as the IR. But it lasts longer. I could not handle XR because I could not sleep at dark. (due to it's long lasting effect)

Thank god I don't have to take any of that stuff anymore.
I am presently using herbs to help my ADHD.

Good luck.

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that's cause xr is extended it's gonna cart longer to affect you.

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