Question About Marijuana?

For populace who have honestly tried it, what have your experiences be?

Answer:    first time for me i was with my mate and we be 14 and her bro came home and siad do you guys wanna get stoned so i be like why the hell not so we smoked and i was within the kitchen and all of a sudden i was really hungry and couldnt stop laughing i feel prettyy stupid so we smoked more and ended up outside having a cig subsequent thing i couldnt hold myself up i literally passed out on my friend and they had to shake me awake and put me to bed to breed sure i was ok it was one experience not at your best never forget top night it was
((and guys im not addicted to drugs it be a one time thing)).
Different people have different reaction to it.

I have smoked it unadulterated for 12 years and still capture a good buzz from a piece of skunk the size of a pinhead. Unlike smoking joints, uncontaminated is a very psychedelic experience and should be treated with respect.

I find it terrifyingly pleasurable - by that I mean you will lose interest in things you can't see the point of eg schoolwork.

Since schoolwork is in truth quite important, I would that`s why strongly recommend avoiding smoking marijuana until 18+.

There are also a number of problems associated with marijuana which aren't really the drug's blemish eg a lot of people catch paranoid. This is because they smoke more than they can handle and start worring about getting found out/arrested. Likewise getting within with the wrong crowd.

The UK drugs advisory body recently stated that the intermingle between marijuana and schizophrenia was tenuous at best:
i get extremely hushed, and usually really thirsty. most the time i get very tired and somethimes i obtain real twitchy. and one time i got so stoned, while my friend be driving and i was watching everything go by, it be all cardboard, like i be in one of those train track tables at toy stores and adjectives other cars looked like cutouts. it was amazingly crazy. Here's a cooperation to the Erowid experiences page for marijuana. They have hundreds of reports that detail people's descriptions of cannabis use.
jail time It should be a mandatory 30 days surrounded by jail for first offense. Driving and being within public while high in danger the the more intelligent humans.

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