Question about Reiki?

I am interested surrounded by Reiki. My friend at work has done her Level 1 and has basically done some Reiki on me in our lunch hour. as soon as I closed my eyes I saw a white spot and then the brightest purple (with red around the edge). Do you know what these colours mean? I am going to read up on it but was of late wondering, in the meantime, if anybody knows.


Answer:    It is intensely normal to see colors when receiving Reiki. It is firm to say what they mean. Sometimes these are colors that you purely need that are coming into your system, sometimes these are energies that are beling released. sometimes they are connected with a chakra. The white spot followed by purple sounds close to it could be your third eye opening.

Ithis would make deeply of sense if you had been creatively blocked, have headaches, needing insight...something close to that. Given that there was some red, I am wondering if you were needing motivation or activeness behind some matter of creativity, insight or problem solving or if within was a combination of headache and fatigue..

Hard to say but it is ordinary and good..
Excellent , I am glad to know you are interested in Reiki , The Colours you saw are Chakras , Seven vim Level Chakras .if you want to know more about chakras visit Good signs !

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