What can I eat on a low sugar diet for chronic yeast?

my doctor (DO) suggested that I cut spinal column on sugar because I keep getting yeast infections every other month.

And while I dont eat much educated sugar - EVERYTHING has sugar of some kind.

Anyone know of any websites that might confer a list of things I can eat?

Anyone know how long I'll hold to try this before I start seeing any results - this problem is beginning to drive me crazy - and its destroying my sex life span..which is just plain depressing.

Answer:    Avoid sugars, white bread, white rice, refined flours and starches, carbs, cornbread, corn, anything next to yeast in it, etc.
HIgh fructose corn syrup is another thing to avoid (read labels). And don't drink any sweet drinks, liquid, sweet tea, soda, even diet soda (it is better to avoid it because it can increase sugar cravings).

Try to eat more lean proteins - beans, chicken breast, fish, etc. And eat veggies, but not fruits (at first). Also put away low fat dairy, especially yogurt (it has live cultures that serve regulate yeast growth.) Seeds, nuts, whole grains (like oatmeal, barley, etc) are also honourable for you.

Ask your doctor to put you on a low dose of Nystatin or Diflucan to regulate yeast levels. And you can also take Garlic or make the addition of it to your diet (it is antimicrobial), and take Probiotic supplements. Acidophilus and other probiotics can help crowd out the yeast and prevent it from coming final later.

Like always, exercise and drinking hose help a lot. And capture your husband/boyfriend to follow the same regimen so you don't just overhaul it back and forth to eachother..
Please review the National Institute of Health article below for the causes of yeast. Note that your sex duration may be the cause of your problem. Your mate may well be carrying the source of your infection. If your mate have not been treated then he probably is carrying yeast on or surrounded by his penis or genitals. Men often have no symptoms. Men can be treated beside a single or multiple dose of Diflucan. Also anything that throws off your acid set off or interferes with normal immune response can motive yeast problems. Unless you are diabetic It is unlikely sugar is the cause. Yes, sugar feeds yeast. So, while MOST commercially prepared foods contain sugar of some sort, the fresh, nature-made veggies and fruits do not. So, what is wrong beside eating as our bodies intended? Go Vegan while you have the yeasty entity going on. It will help get rid of it inwardly a couple of days. Also, avoid alcoholic beverages while on a yeast free diet.

While you are on a Vegan diet, there is a home remedy that you can use yourself. This is painful, but it works. Remember, I said bumpy, but it actually works. Dip a q-tip swab in rubbing alcohol and insert it into your vajay-jay. Yep, I said it be going to hurt. Wipe the outside of the labia with a cotton ball soaked surrounded by alcohol and even your thighs and anal and perineum area. Make sure you do the same entry with your boyfriend as OFTEN guys have it and present it to you without you knowing he has it. So you can treat yourself, but if he have it, he will keep giving it back to you! This will straight cure the yeast infection. However, if you still have yeast inside your body, the yeast will regrow since women have a heat up, moist environment that yeast thrive in! So, again, go Vegan for more or less a week.

Something else to consider is that yeast infections are contagious. Are you sure he has been trusty to you?

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