What do you think of this doctor of chiropractic and his discussion on hormone problems in woman?

There are 3 parts. He negotiations about natural treatment bu is not against medication if needed.

Answer:    As a woman who has lived most of her life "naturally" I reason Dr. Keith Ungar is bang on the money with the information presented surrounded by this video.

Dr. Ungar provides a clear portrait of how hormones are affected through processed and refined foods and how through the simple stroke of a proper diet and moderate exercise most women can naturally balance their hormones and exciting reactions.

The adrenal gland, hypothalamus and pituitary glands are the most essential glands in the body when it comes to hormones and hormonal symmetry. Dr. Ungar mentions the need to help be a foil for these feedback glands through natural replacement therapy.

The body is a science that requires a automatic yet scientific approach if it is to operate optimally. Eating is a science that requires adjectives sense and a natural approach. Refined processed foods are not natural and consequently alter the biochemical be a foil for of the body. All healing can be done naturally given the nous. Dr. Ungar promises to eliminate the guess work by providing that much needed know-how.

I look forward to reading Dr. Ungar's book and significantly recommend this video. In fact, I've already promoted it on my facebook..
ill relay you one thing. that is a looonggg video that u expect us to survey. i watched about partly. i get the idea and i fathom out women do get crazy that time of the month and when that year of their life comes around tis even more crazy. very soon im wondering waht is your real question? are u asking if u can prevent it, is it unadulterated, or how to deal with it when your womanly goes through it?? Great Videos!! Doctors of Chiropractic get give or take a few 1000 more hours than medical doctors and it really shows with this doctor..
a chiropractor isnt a real doctor so i couldnt caution less about anything he have to say This Doctor of Chiropractic has spent a large amount of time expanding his knowledge on treating outside of the box. A chiropractors' education consists of simple nutrition, but the majority of our training is in musculoskeletal conditions and treatments, differential diagnosis, radiology, and physical therapeutics. There are conditions that are sometimes best co-managed with a medical doctor, and it really is surrounded by the best interest of the patient to get the best vigilance for their problems both natural or allopathic. It saddens me to hear such uninformed comments from certain posters, sometimes I do get frustrated. And for the history, in my office, I no longer address myself as doctor because not singular does it cause confusion but I have found that my patients are more comfortable human being there under my vigilance and they let their guards down. I noticed that if you wear the stupid white coat along next to introducing yourself as Doctor, patients are extremely uncomfortable, nervous, panicky, and thats exactly what I DO NOT want for them to feel when they see a chiropractor. I want them to feel relaxed when they come into my department and I completely agree with Lighting on this topic. I usually leave it up to the patients whether they want to phone me doctor and most of them end up doing it anyway.

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