What happend if you drink expired vitamins or medicines?

I give attention to vitamin is okay, right? what about medicine I don`t know they will cause more symptoms?

Answer:    Expired vitamins merely lose their effectiveness. Many of them are partly effective by 3-6 months since heat, lighting, and oxygen degrades vitamins and enzymes.

Medication is a different story. It depends which medication. Many do lose their effectiveness. But you entail to be careful, some medications become chancy and toxic when they expire like tetracycline, a popular antibiotic. Consult with your pharmacist to see whether it's past the worst or not..
The shelf life of medicine is usually 1 to 2 years after the expiration date. However, the optimal time for the effect to rob place as prescribed is during the time that it's not expired. You will not get sick, but it might not do all that it be intended to do. Keep it as a back-up until you get a new prescription. Better some nouns than none. But get a new prescr ASAP. Keep Safe! Nothing will take place to you. A doctor told me that medicine is actually dutiful for a year after it expires..
Most of the time if the medicine is past the expiration date, it freshly won't work as well, or at all.

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