Why do they say zinc helps you sexually?

any other vitamins apposite for this?

Answer:    Zinc is the necessary mineral for the prostate to be healthy. If you are not up to standard in zinc, your prostate will enlarge and become harmful and not produce the part of the semen that is requisite for transporting your sperm to the egg. The primary function of the prostate is to produce, secrete, and store a clear, slightly basic fluid specifically part of semen. The prostate is an integral part of the masculine sex organs.

Vitamin E reduces your need for oxygen contained by the tissues. This is why high altitude climbers eat lots of vitamin E so they can survive on smaller amount oxygen. Additionally, Vitamin E causes the sperm to live longer due to the less oxygen required. This enhance the ability of the sperm to last longer on it's opening to the egg.

Staying away from caffeine and other drugs like this allows your body to NOT use up it's reserves of pregnenalone for cortisol the stress hormone and allow the steroid hormones to use the pregnenalone to make sex hormones and thyroid hormones.

Eating too much zinc will affect the adrenal glands negatively and downsize your energy, resulting in poor sexual behaviour. This is because the adrenal glands require copper as it's essential nutrient. Zinc and copper need to be in be a foil for. If too much of one or the other is taken in the diet, the other one becomes not good enough in the body.

good luck to you.
Zinc is involved beside the production of healthy sperms. Don't start taking large amount of zinc. Your body simply need a very small amount of zinc. Zinc is found contained by many food, no need to bear zinc when you can find it in food. They say adjectives kinds of stuff. If you don't believe them, who you gonna believe?.
yes zinc is a great mineral, so is IRON, Iron is the only charming mineral so it has all others beside it cause it attracts the rest, that why your blood is made of Iron it goes every where on earth in the body, but you have to seize your zinc or minerals in the right form, those zinc you find in the store or condition food store are not good, they are in the rock form that you find surrounded by the ground or a hybrid plant form, you need the zinc in the instinctive plant form.

these plants you can find in the health food store that are appropriate is the yellow dock, burdock, and red clover(for women men don't really need it it will back men though, those are great.

you can go to this website drsebi.com and then confer them a call they can get you some appropriate herbs to take that is to say natural and high contained by minerals.

There is a plant though that is the best thing surrounded by the world that addresses the prostate its the Mimosa pudica (Sensitive Plant), when its touched it goes to sleep, you find it surrounded by the Caribbeans like Jamaica..
Zinc is good for your prostate gland. Im not sure if it aids your sexuality though. I would enunciate that is more to do with your self model + who you are with. They say that so you'll buy zinc tablets.

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